Why choose Eatron's BMSTAR?

Eatron is an expert team with a strong history of delivering products to leading OEMs and Tier-1s, including NIO, Vinfast & Knorr-Bremse for serial production. Eatron’s innovative software platform enables automotive and mobility OEMs and Tier-1s to rapidly integrate Eatron’s offerings for serial production. With our hardware agnostic software platform built on physical models, we give you the edge you need to make you a leader in the development of software defined mobility.

BMSTAR’s software component at the edge is designed to have a cloud counterpart with integrated connectivity and analytics. These enable over-the-air updates, as well as continuous and adaptive software improvements to achieve superior performance and reliability (e.g. for SoC/SoH) over the lifetime of the vehicle.

This is achieved via physics-based algorithms and AI powered software functions – for both low-voltage (LV) and high-voltage (HV) BMS.


combined years of BMS development experience.

High SOX accuracy

Calculation of state of charge, power, health & energy.

Fast time-to-market

Highly configurable software platform developed for serial production.

Optimum security

Complies with ISO26262, ASPICE, ISO21434 & ISO9001.

Optimum performance

Adaptive advanced controls functions, over-the-air updates & data analytics functions running on the cloud.

AI Based Functions

Remaining Useful Life (RUL)
  • Estimates the remaining time until the end of useful life
  • Can be used for both cloud-based fleet data analysis and on-board the vehicle as part of the BMS
  • Guides OEMs and their cell suppliers on the real-life fleet performance of batteries.
Predictive Cell Diagnosis
  • Analyzing leading indicators enables diagnosis of battery cell issues months in advance.
  • Sophisticated data augmentation techniques to support training of machine learning models.
  • Models are able to run in real time on the edge (for in-vehicle application) and in the cloud (for large scale data analysis).
Cloud platform
  • Ready to receive secure streaming data
  • Generic deployment model to support major cloud providers to minimize data movement
  • Includes AI and physical model execution to support big data analytics and insights
  • Insights turn into edge software updates via OTA.

SoX Functions

High accurate calculation of:
  • State of charge
  • State of power
  • State of health
  • State of energy.
Key features:
  • All calculations take into account battery ageing
  • Electro-thermal equivalent circuit model based approach
  • Dual estimation structure (estimation of states, parameters)
  • Includes high level diagnosis.
  • Can support active or passive balancing
  • Works with cell-level information (SoC) for optimal balancing
  • Can be calibrated for different applications (EV, PHEV, HEV)
  • Includes high level diagnosis of balancing function.

BMS Hardware

  • Reference hardware (Eatron design)
  • ASIL C compliant safety concept
  • Custom development
  • E/E hardware development
  • Basic software
  • LV (12V-48V) & HV (up to 1000V) design.

Other features

Smart Charging Control
  • Charging current and profile optimization taking into account current state of power
  • Calibratable trade-off between charge time and ageing
  • Signal interface to thermal management for quick charge events
  • Communication to the charge station via the vehicle control unit.
Thermal Management
  • Supports both liquid or air cooling systems
  • High level diagnosis of thermal management function
  • Calculation of control signal for pumps, fans, PTC Heaters and other cells/module heating elements
  • Interface to quick charging function.
Service & Amp Diagnostics
  • Usage history functions (for warranty purposes)
  • Recording battery usage parameters (pack SoC, current voltage, max & min cell voltage, SoC etc.)
  • Diagnosis management
  • Handling of diagnostics messages and DTCs
  • ISO 14229 compliant implementation.


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