Increased Performance and Safety

L2STAR™️ is a Level 2+ ready modular ADAS software architecture incorporating Automotive Safe AI ™️   L2STAR™️ utilizes all the available sensors and builds a model of the surroundings of the vehicle delivering increased performance and safety, via the right combination of AI and Automotive Software paradigm, over the current Level 1 and Level 2 ADAS functions in the market.


  • Environment Model Based
  • Radar and Camera Sensor Fusion
  • High Tracking Performance on Sharp Corners
  • Smooth Speed Control based on Advanced Control Theory


  • Environment Model based
  • Radar and Camera Sensor Fusion
  • Lane Centring approach to keep the vehicle centred in the lane
  • Model based approach ensures smooth handling in sharp corners

Highway Pilot

  • Lane Centring, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Change Control
  • Combined Lateral & Longitudinal MIMO Control Approach
  • Superior Driver Feel

Automated Valet Parking

  • Localization and mapping algorithm (SLAM)
  • Static & Dynamic Obstacle Detection
  • Sensor Fusion & Environment Model
  • Planning (Global & Local) algorithm for Parking

Automotive Safe AI 

  • Deep Reinforcement Learning based Decision Making
  • Improved Driver feel
  • Safety Layer