Software Focus

Eatron is the premier automotive intelligent systems provider focusing solely on t provider focusing solely on Electric and Autonomous Vehicles software development.

Electrification Solutions

Electric Vehicle Control Software

  • Torque Management
  • Energy Management
  • Thermal Management
  • Diagnostics

BMStar Battery Management Software

  • SOX Functions
  • Balancing
  • Smart Charging
  • Thermal Management
  • HV Management
  • Service & Diagnostics
  • Up to ASIL D

L2 Star ADAS Software Architecture

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

  • Environment Model based, not radar only function
  • Can handle sharp curves
  • Smooth velocity control based on advanced control theory

Lane Centering Control (LCC)

  • Environment Model based, not camera only function
  • Lane centring approach to avoid drifting around in the lane

Motorway Autopilot (Level 2)

  • Lane Centring, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Change Control
  • Combined Lateral & Longitudinal MIMO Control Approach
  • Improved driver feel

Modern AI Algorithms

  • Optimization of driving algorithms for improved driver feel
  • Adaptation to driver style