Increase Consumer Appeal

  • Advanced model-based control maximises robustness and minimises performance trade-offs
  • Personalisation features for consumers with Artificial Intelligence for auto-adaption
  • Continuous improvement / adaption of SW through Eatron Cloud platform.

Reduce Time-to-Market

  • Reduced development time thanks to an integration layer easily adaptable to OEM HW solutions
  • Minimum development effort achieved by an efficient and open tuning interface
  • Maximum re-use across applications due to modular and scalable SW architecture design.

Customize Your Application

  • Open tuning interface, providing the flexibility to achieve your brand DNA
  • Ability to integrate customised value-add SW features
  • HW independence: Eatron’s modular, scalable SW architecture can be hosted anywhere, integrated seamlessly and adapted to a range of individual or integrated actuation solutions.


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