Eatron Technologies and Spark EV Technology partner to overcome electric vehicle challenges! As the automotive industry is shifting fast towards electrification the need for intelligent safe software solutions is growing exponentially.

Despite progress, some key challenges for electrification remain:

• Precise battery management

• Fast charging

• Delivering good, reliable real-life driving range

To help automotive Tier1s and OEMs to overcome these challenges Spark EV Technology, provider of AI-powered range prediction software, and Eatron, supplier of AI-powered Battery Management Software (BMS), have just signed a wide-ranging partnership agreement.

Working together, two companies will integrate the Spark Assure embedded intelligent journey prediction solution with Eatron’s BMStar battery management software to provide automotive customers with full visibility of range accuracy and how changes to battery health will affect performance.

By combining their unique expertise, software solutions and global reach Spark EV and Eatron will together become a key electrification software partner for the automotive industry.