Battery Management Solution

Customer is the star when it comes to Battery Management Systems (BMS) development, as it has great influence on critical product attributes such as cost, safety, performance, range.

ADAS Software Architecture

L2Star  utilizes all the available sensors and builds a model of the surroundings of the vehicle delivering increased performance and safety over the current L1 and L2 functions in the market.

Virtual ADAS Development

Our simulation environment enables every ADAS engineer to test, validate and calibrate algorithms and software at their desktop, enabling considerable savings in development cost

Artificial Intelligence Expertise

Our star Team is the at the centre of our AI offers, with top academic experts on board from world leading universities such as MIT, Cambridge and ITU, thus we stay ahead of the curve by following closely the latest fevelopment in AI and Machine Learning and applying them to automotive.

  • Deep Learning based traffic object detection, tracking, depth estimation & semantic segmentation
  • Ability to handle complex and cluttered urban environments
  • Ability to optimize network structure for high performance in embedded systems
  • Reinforcement learning for descision making under uncertainty and optimal parameterization