Ep. 10 – We need to talk about tyres…

“Talk to an expert”, our new live monthly series where you have the chance to engage with an expert from the automotive industry, specialised in software. We’re starting off our episode this month about Implementation challenges of machine learning algorithms for BMS.

Did you know that tyres are the second-largest source of microplastics in our oceans and particulate air pollution? Tyre particles pollute air, water and soil and contain a wide range of toxic organic compounds.

“Almost 2,000 times more particle pollution is produced by tyre wear than is pumped out of the exhausts of modern cars, tests have shown.” – The Guardian

“Today’s tyres consist of about 19% natural rubber and 24% synthetic rubber, which is a plastic polymer. The rest is made up of metal and other compounds. Producing tires still has monumental environmental impacts, ranging from continued deforestation to the climate-harming fossil fuels used to make synthetic rubbers to the assembly process.” – National Geographic

A study by IUCN shows that tyres are among the most common plastic polluters on earth. They contribute to the global releases of primary micro plastics to the world’s oceans by 28%.

ENSO is developing sustainable tyres for electric vehicles, delivering sustainable mobility by improving the performance and environmental impact of tyres. Their CEO, Gunnlaugur Erlendsson, will discuss:
🌎 The most recent scientific data on the environmental impact of tyres
🌍 How electric vehicles need better tyres to support their rapid adoption
🌏 How ENSO is meeting this challenge by developing solutions to extend EV range and reduce tyre pollution.

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