Optimised Battery Life and Safety

BMSTAR™️ combines highly accurate models of the battery with Artificial Intelligence and advanced estimation methods, to ensure accurate and reliable dataon the battery state for optimised battery life and safety.

Sox Function

  • Calculation of:
    • State of Charge,
    • State of Power,
    • State of Health,
    • State of Energy
    • Remaining Useful Life
  • All Calculations Take into Account Battery Ageing
  • Electro-Thermal Equivalent Circuit Model Based Approach
  • Dual Estimation Structure (Estimation of States, Parameters)
  • Includes High Level Diagnosis


  • Can support active or passive balancing
  • Works with cell level information (SoC) for optimal balancing
  • Can be calibrated for different applications (EV, PHEV, HEV)
  • Includes high level diagnosis of balancing function

Smart Charging Control

  • Charging current and profile optimization taking into account current state of power
  • Calibratable Trade-off between charge time and ageing
  • Signal interface to thermal management for quick charge events
  • Communication to the charge station via the vehicle control unit

Thermal Management

  • Supports both liquid or air cooling systems
  • High Level diagnosis of thermal management function
  • Calculation of control signal for pumps, fans, PTC Heaters and other cells/module heating elements
  • Interface to quick charging function

HV Management

  • High Voltage Interlock
  • Isolation Monitoring
  • According to SAE J1766
  • Contactor Management and Diagnosis
  • State management of all contactors including pre-charge process (HV+, HV-, Pre-Charge)

Service & Diagnostics

  • Service and Diagnostics
    • Usage history functions (for warranty purposes)
    • Recording battery usage parameters (Pack SoC, Current Voltage, Max & Min Cell Voltage, SoC etc.)
  • Diagnosis Management
    • Handling of diagnostics messages and DTCs
    • ISO 14229 complimant implementation

BMS Hardware

  • Off the shelf HW (Partner Solution)
    • ASIL C Complimant Safety Concept
  • Custom Development
    • E/E Hardware Development
    • Basic Software
    • Prototype Supply (A and B Sample)
    • Industrialization Support