AI Ready Automotive Grade Intelligent Battery Management System

BMSTAR® combines highly accurate models of the battery with Artificial Intelligence and advanced estimation methods, to ensure accurate and reliable data on the battery state, including AI based: Predictive Cell DiagnosisRemaining Useful Life (RUL) Estimation

AI Based Functions

  • Predictive Cell Diagnosis:
    • Analyzing leading indicators enables diagnosis of battery cell issues months in advance.
    • Sophisticated data augmentation techniques to support training of machine learning models.
    • Models are able to run in real time on the edge (for in-vehicle application) and in the cloud (for large scale data analysis)
  • Remaining Useful Life:
    • Estimates the remaining time until the end of useful life
    • Can be used for both cloud-based fleet data analysis and on-board the vehicle as part of the BMS
    • Guides OEMs and their cell suppliers on the real-life fleet performance of batteries.

SoX Function

  • High accuracy calculation of:
    • State of Charge,
    • State of Power,
    • State of Health,
    • State of Energy
    • Remaining Useful Life
  • All Calculations Take into Account Battery Ageing
  • Electro-Thermal Equivalent Circuit Model Based Approach
  • Dual Estimation Structure (Estimation of States, Parameters)
  • Includes High Level Diagnosis


  • Can support active or passive balancing
  • Works with cell level information (SoC) for optimal balancing
  • Can be calibrated for different applications (EV, PHEV, HEV)
  • Includes high level diagnosis of balancing function

Smart Charging Control

  • Charging current and profile optimization taking into account current state of power
  • Calibratable Trade-off between charge time and ageing
  • Signal interface to thermal management for quick charge events
  • Communication to the charge station via the vehicle control unit

Thermal Management

  • Supports both liquid or air cooling systems
  • High Level diagnosis of thermal management function
  • Calculation of control signal for pumps, fans, PTC Heaters and other cells/module heating elements
  • Interface to quick charging function

HV Management

  • High Voltage Interlock
  • Isolation Monitoring
  • According to SAE J1766
  • Contactor Management and Diagnosis
  • State management of all contactors including pre-charge process (HV+, HV-, Pre-Charge)

Service & Diagnostics

  • Service and Diagnostics
    • Usage history functions (for warranty purposes)
    • Recording battery usage parameters (Pack SoC, Current Voltage, Max & Min Cell Voltage, SoC etc.)
  • Diagnosis Management
    • Handling of diagnostics messages and DTCs
    • ISO 14229 compliant implementation

BMS Hardware

  • Off the shelf HW (Partner Solution)
    • ASIL C Compliant Safety Concept
  • Custom Development
    • E/E Hardware Development
    • Basic Software
    • Prototype Supply (A and B Sample)
    • Industrialization Support